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Ek Hanz is our first Hybrid Aerial Vehicle especially designed to uplift the payload upto 6 kg, with an impossible range of 100 km, and a cruise speed of 50 km/h, this zero emission UAV is the fastest and most efficient means of transporting packages autonomously by air.

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Take-off like a drone and pierce through the sky like a plane with a top speed of 130 km/h. Our patented energy-efficient design enables 100 km non-stop flight or carrying 6 kg with an all-electric zero carbon vehicle.


A world class obstacle avoidance system & other similar features like "return to home" & "glide to safety"-- aerial machines have never been safer for bystanders. Multiple redundant electric motors ensure the plan flies if one fails.


Our copyrighted machine learning algorithms allow supervision-free flight from take-off to touch down with one push of a button. Any obstacles including trees or power lines are detected & avoided in real time making it safe & easy to operate.


With such endurance, one would imagine the Ek Hanz to be huge and require a runway. Wrong. It is extremely compact and can takeoff vertically-- designed for urban areas. A super light 3D printed carbon fibre body ensures that you can carry it in your hands.



We are the team of crazy, hungry and passionate engineers working on transforming the current mobility scenario in the world. We build Autonomous Hybrid electric Aerial Vehicles which can take off and land anywhere, has a long-range(~2kg) and high endurance(~2hrs).

The startup is ideated out of the National Centre for Combustion Research &  Development Lab (NCCRD), and incubated at IITM Incubation Cell at IIT Madras. The startup is legally incorporated as "Ubifly Technologies Private Limited" and branded as "The ePlane Company"



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